02 June, 2017

Focus On You

Well this entire week flew by!  I swear, I can't keep track of what day, month, or even year it is half the time.  Somehow we're already in June, it's hot as hell in Houston, and he mosquitoes are back with a vengeance.

Let's talk quickly about settling.  I'd really like to film a video with a friend talking about this in detail in all aspects of life, but today I'll just talk about settling with yourself.  Not settling in a relationship, with somebody else, or with something else, but with you and only you.

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I think that there's a part of all of us that's not so much afraid of failure, but afraid of success.  I know, sounds weird.  But think about it.

We fail all the time, brush our shoulders off, and keep pushing.  But are you preventing yourself from doing something because you honestly believe you're going to fail, or are you afraid of the work it will take if you actually succeed?

"I'm doing it because I never want to be the person who looks back and wonders what could've happened if I wasn't too scared."

I'm saying all of this because I've been there.  I've kept one foot out in fear that I'd be overwhelmed if I dove in full-force.  I put things I wanted to do on the back-burner because I was "too busy", didn't have all of the things I thought I needed, and I was just afraid.

We all have that one thing, maybe two, that we've been wanting to do but haven't done because of some bullshit excuse.  What's stopping you?  ...Yourself.

Quit settling with yourself and start living for you.  Do the things that scare you, and acknowledge your fear and just shut it up.  If we constantly listened to fear, we'd do nothing, see nothing, and meet no one.  Get out and start doing.

Stop living in fear.  Life is too damn short.  Do it now.


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