17 July, 2017

Paradise at Chromata Santorini

I'm finally getting back into the groove of my home routine, working out, and not eating an ice cream cone every day...ok, maybe twice a day sometimes.  I was on vacation, ok?

Infinity Pools Santorini Greece

Chromata Santorini Resorts

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen the millions of photos I posted while in Greece.

Putting the beauty of the country and the islands into words is almost impossible.  You know the photos: crisp white buildings, blue water, and hotels that look like they were built in a photo editing app.  It just doesn't look real.

Best resorts Santorini

Well, it is.  And you have to add a trip to Greece to your bucket list.  Grab your best friend, girlfriend,  boyfriend, dog, fiancĂ©, whoever's down to travel, and GO!

I wasn't sure where to start when it came to planning this trip -- I just knew I wanted to get to Greece, so my girlfriend and I booked the tickets first, checked that off the list, and moved on to hotels.  We stayed on the phone until 2 AM for days scanning through hundreds of TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews -- It was overwhelming.

Knowing the trip could suck me dry if I stayed in a resort the whole time, I dedicated two nights to be a little bougie.

I wanted the full resort experience, gorgeous pools, amazing breakfast (priority), flawless rooms, the whole shabang.

I sorted through handfuls of resorts, some crazy price tags, and finally decided on Chromata.  And damn, am I glad we chose it!

Best Resorts in Greece

Chromata is in the Imerovigli village of Santorini, so it's not the hustle and bustle of the city and is a little more relaxing.  We arrived to a bottle of white wine (perfect to pair with our Oreo Milka), a basket of fresh fruit, and the most perfect hotel room I've seen.

Santorini Resorts

The rooms are almost cave-like, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't dance around like a little kid pretending to be in a cave when we first walked in.

Luxury Resorts Santorini

Chromata Santorini

I set up their iPod on their speakers, put on some super sexy electronica, and prepped myself for the most epic Grecian tan.

The beds were comfy, shower was incredible, bathroom on point, and the staff was A+.  We were always hooked up when we needed major assistance with directions, had reservations booked, a sunset cruise reserved, ATVs rented, all with zero trouble.

OK, my favorite part: The infinity pool.  And the buffet breakfast.

Infinity Pool Resorts Santorini

This pool is insane.  It's the kind of pool you see in photos online and wonder what it'd look like in person.  It overlooks the island of Santorini, and you can see cruise ships, yachts, and all kinds of luxury boats pull up to the coast.  I wish I could've taken a picture with my eyes.

Infinity Pool Santorini Greece

Infinity Pools Santorini Greece

The view from the infinity pool is hands-down the most beautiful sight I've seen in my life.  Going to take a lot to take its place.

Santorini Sunset

If a trip to Santorini is in your future or you're looking for a place to stay, don't sleep on Chromata.

I mean, sleep at Chromata, but don't pass up this beautiful resort.  Tell them I sent you, and pop some bubbly for me and eat a chocolate croissant or five.


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