18 August, 2017

Current Favorites

Yes, I'm a hoarder when it comes to my beauty products.  I think it's safe to say I save any shade of blush for a rainy day and find every excuse in the book to not throw out a lipstick that I might've purchased back in high school.

OK, so that's a little gross and probably just a slight exaggeration of how long I keep my products, but I like to have options.

I've tried my best (and succeeded with much of it, if I do say so), to declutter my space, and that meant getting rid of tons of makeup, clothes, shoes, and things that were taking up space and providing zero use.

I've narrowed down my products to the things I use consistently and love (and I can't lie, I still have options, but not nearly AS MANY options).

I've rounded up a few of my current favorite things in the beauty, fitness, and random tech world.  These are the things I've been using consistently for the past few months and have to share with everyone!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already!  I'm vamping up content and think that video is more compelling -- It's fun, interactive, and I get to just be myself and talk which is always fun.  Not that I don't love to write, I do, but I think we enjoy watching and listening to something online!

My blog will always have a big piece of my heart though -- It's the OG!  Holdin' it down.

Anywho, let me know if you have tried any of these things and love them as much as I do or if you plan to check any of them out!

You can shop everything I mentioned in the description box of the video, or I've linked them all here as well!


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