18 September, 2017

Adidas Try On / UltraboostX

Happy Monday!

Adidas high waisted leggings
Top: Adidas / Leggings: Adidas / Shoes: UltraboostX

Seriously, what's Monday motivation without some new workout gear?  There's something so exciting about having a new piece to wear to the park, the gym, your yoga class, whatever you do.  I love incorporating a new outfit or shoe into my fitness wardrobe!

I'm always preaching that when we look good, we feel good, and vice versa.  I'm not a fan of wearing makeup to workout (to each their own), but I do notice that when I put a little effort in to getting myself ready for a workout, I'm inclined to perform better.

adidas ultraboostx shoes

Adidas womens workout clothes

adidas women high waisted leggings ultraboost

Same thing with work productivity -- If I want to get sh*t done, I'll put some effort into my appearance.  I tend to feel a little more motivated when I'm semi "ready" rather than in my robe, hair in a bun, and my glasses on (...I'm like that right now).

This look from Adidas is one of my favorites right now.  My go-to is a pair of high-waisted leggings, a crop top/sports bra, and a comfortable shoe.

I love how versatile and supportive this top is.  If you're smaller chested like myself, this is great for you, but this would be great for fuller chests as well, since it does have pads and some support.

These leggings though...YES!  I love the waist band and the small details down the leg.  I could never have enough pairs of perfect black leggings.

K and let's just talk about these shoes.  The UltraboostX is popular for a reason.  They're SO comfortable, functional, and this color is amazing.

Y'all know I'm a neutral girl, but I couldn't pass up these UltraboostX in pink.

Check out my try-on haul on YouTube for more Adidas Women looks.  Please 'subscribe' and give the video a thumbs up if you like this style and want to see some more videos like this!

Huge thank you to Adidas for sending me these items!

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