09 September, 2017

Healthy Grocery Haul

Happy Saturday!

Some of you guys are probably getting your weekend errands done this weekend, which most likely includes a trip to the grocery store.

I don't know why - Sometimes I love going grocery shopping, and sometimes I can't stand having to make the trip to the store.  Depends on the day...Either way, it's a must for staying in shape, eating right, and saving some money.

I love shopping at Trader Joe's.  Their prices are right, produce is fresh, and the entire shopping experience makes grocery shopping a little more enjoyable.  I swear, their employees are the kindest I've met.  One guy even opened a chocolate bar (cookie butter, to be specific) at the register while I was checking out and split it with me.  True story.

I uploaded my healthy grocery haul to YouTube and hope it helps anyone who might be wondering what to buy at the grocery store, what a few of my staples are, and a few ideas of items to keep on hand.

I'm planning on doing much more content centered around my meals, food, and how I like to eat to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  And trust me, I love to eat.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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