20 September, 2017

Staying Comfortable During A Workout

For me, getting to the gym or to my workout is the hardest part.  I have to mentally prepare myself, get ready to sweat and work hard, choose an outfit, dedicate the time, and then put the work in.

adidas leggings women
Top & Leggings: Adidas / Shoes: UltraboostX

Adidas Crop and leggings women

Adidas Clothing Women

I've worn so many different brands and pieces, and I've had workouts where my clothing has been so comfortable I never thought about it, and I've had the complete opposite where all I focused on were how my leggings were showing every drop of sweat, or they were drooping down my waist, or maybe my pants had a hole in them (true story, this happened one time).

If you're going to make the effort to workout, you at least owe it to yourself to be comfortable!

Being comfortable and feeling good when I workout is so important to me, so I was very excited when Tommy John included me in their graphic.  Check out this fun graphic below for my quote as well as quotes from a few other fitness enthusiasts! 

Tommy John Underwear

I like for my workout clothing to be pretty form-fitting -- It ensures that I won't be fussing with a baggy shirt while I'm moving around, and I can't stand baggy tops during a workout.  I like to feel at least semi-put together during my workout, so I usually opt for a pair of high-waisted leggings and a cute crop top/sports bra.

If you haven't checked out Tommy John's cotton briefs, click here to check em out.  Yeah, it's only September, but holidays roll around before we know it, and we're all probably secretly counting down the days until December.

They'd make an awesome birthday, Christmas, or (hint-hint...you need new underwear) gift.

Let me know if you all have any tips for staying comfortable when you workout.  What do you usually wear?!


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