10 October, 2017

Everyday I'm (Side) Hustlin'

                                      how to make extra money while working full time
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You know the average millionaire has 7 different sources of income?

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I think the first time I read that, I wasn't surprised, but I was so annoyed at myself for feeling like one magical thing was going to bring me "success".  And no, I'm by no means even close to a millionaire, but we have to dream big to win big, and so I'm dreamin'!  I know you all are too.

I kept sitting around wondering when the day would come that would put the perfect one job in my lap.  I know I probably didn't want this job, but I had a thought in my head that there would be some sort of a dream salary that would put me close to "wealth".

The more I've networked, talked to other like-minded entrepreneurs, and read, the more I've understood how crucial it is to diversify your income.  If you lost your primary source of income tomorrow, what would you do?

Would you panic (pretty normal), or would you feel safe knowing that you have a few other thing(s) set up that will give you at least some cushion?

You need that cushion.  We need some cushion financially and it doesn't hurt to have some in the glutes either.  Cushion everywhere!

The past year and a half I've been focused on ways to diversify income, even if it's not much.  By having multiple sources, you have cash coming in in different places, sometimes while you sleep.

I'm still the normal 20-something trying to figure it all out, so by NO means am I here telling you I'm a wealth expert who's going to tell you how to get rich tomorrow.

If you know the secret to that question, open up pandora's box and let us all know.  We've been waiting, come on now.

For now,  chances are I'm in the exact same boat as you wanting to simply do better for myself, make some more money, and live a life I'm proud of.

In this video, I go over a few side hustle endeavors that I've tried myself.  All of them have the potential to make pretty decent money.  Some you may have heard of, and some you might have no clue.

We live in a world now where there are sometimes so many opportunities that it becomes overwhelming and we don't even know where to start.  I get pretty overwhelmed when I have 8 million ideas in my head (and this is more often than not), so focusing on these 5 ideas is a good place to start!

Let me know if you've tried any of these and if you have any other suggestions!

Happy hustlin'!

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