06 October, 2017

Financial Hacks | How To Save Money in Your 20s and Beyond

Happy Friday!  I've been thinking of starting a segment called "Finance Fridays" where I'll be doing some sort of blog post, video, or quick tips on Instagram to share some financial advice and hopefully spark some awesome conversations.  Because we could all probably learn to manage our money a little better, right?
best credit cards to travel and save money

For whatever reason, I've always had an interest in credit cards, finance topics, and little ways to cut corners and save money.  I mean, the interest in credit cards definitely also applies to the desire to spend, but we need some cash money to stay swiping the plastic.

I think it's been more of a knack for wanting to finesse the system and find ways to save, earn rewards, and seriously reap the benefits.

With some trial and error, lots of research, and hundreds of conversations, I've found a few things that work for me personally and that I'm always sharing with my friends.

I've literally had about 7 friends sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred because I did some good convincing.  And their only regret was not signing up sooner...same.

If you guys want to hear my 5 tips for saving money and earning some rewards, here's the YouTube video I uploaded sharing all of them!

What's your number one tip for saving money?  Let me know!

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