18 October, 2017

Getting Cozy For Fall

If you guys saw my Fall Nighttime Skincare routine post, you know the vibes for Fall are getting real over here.

Ok, maybe not really temperature-wise (we're patiently waiting for that), but at least in my bedroom, Fall is here.

Best fall candles bath and body works

I've started the routine of plugging in my oil diffuser (lavender essential oil has been my go-to for now), lighting up some Fall candles, and whipping out a good book or just vegging out and watching some football and YouTube videos.

We all get a little candle-happy in the Fall.  There's something about the comfort, warmth, and coziness, even if it's still an insane 90 degrees outside.

If I walk into my bedroom and it smells like pumpkin pie or a fresh leaves/sweatery smell, I'm immediately zen. Puts me in the best mood regardless of the day I've had.  Scent has that crazy power over us.  I'm a big believer in the power of smell...both good and bad.  It transports us back to such specific memories, times, and always has the biggest impact on me when it comes to the senses.

                                        best candles for fall

I stumbled upon Vellabox online and instantly had to try it.  They send a package (in such a cute box, matter of fact) directly to your door for $10 a month.  When I saw that I had a package at my doorstep and opened it up to 2 Fall scented candles, I was smitten.  Sign me UP.

If you subscribe to their website, they're running a promotion right now for $5 off (I just checked this), so your first month would only be $5!

Plus, how cute of a gift would this be?!  I think this would make the perfect birthday gift or holiday gift for a friend, significant other, yourself...anyone.

                                            fall candles Vellabox

Vellabox partners with different candle companies and includes hand-poured candles in every package.  Mine came with two candles from Burn Candle Company -- One was pumpkin scented and the other was s'more.  YAS!

I had both of these babies lit on my nightstand, and it was just that...lit.  I was all snuggled up in my silk nightgown (yes, I sleep in silk...you can make fun of me.  It's great for your skin and sleep - You should try it).

OH - They also threw in some mini crunchy popcorn bites.  I got so excited when I saw these.  They gave me an excuse to snack in bed with Fall candles.

If this isn't the perfect Sunday night in, I seriously don't know what is.

Do you guys have a favorite candle that you purchase every Fall?  Let me know which one so I can check it out!

I'll be burning these candles from Vellabox all throughout Fall and can't wait to see which scents I get next month.


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