09 October, 2017

How I Traveled To Greece For Free

how to get free flights travel miles

Yeah, you read that right.

No, there's no catch here.  I didn't have to do something unspoken to get some free flights to Greece or anything.  I just finessed the system, because you guys know I'm always looking for a way to get some travel points, cash, or free flights.

If you read my post from earlier this summer here talking about my trip to Greece, you know how incredible it was.  Hell, if you've ever seen a picture of Santorini or Mykonos, you already know how amazing it is.

I did lots of research and planning, trial and error, and worked my way to get free flights to Greece.

Seriously, what's better than taking an amazing trip?  A free amazing trip.

Of course you'll want to be smart and save up a bit before traveling so you can enjoy yourself, but in this video I'm focusing on telling you all about how I finessed my way into some free flights to Greece.

You can apply these to any trip you're wanting to take, national, international, wherever.

Check out this video if you're wanting to know how to earn free flights (and if you don't, who are you?!).

Let me know any other tips you guys might have in a comment -- I need to check them all out!  No such thing as too many free flights.


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