30 October, 2017

Red Carpet Peel and Laser Genesis at Yana Skincare

Let's be real...there's NOTHING like having clear, glowing skin.  For me, I wasn't naturally blessed with what I'd consider "perfect" skin.  It's not terrible, but I always have a little friend or two (or three or four) somewhere on my face.

Between working out, wearing makeup, having a ton of hair, and just being a regular, hormonal gal, my skin is something I'm always trying to keep in check.  I'm a stickler about my skincare...anyone who's ever spent the night with me knows how much of a process it is.

I also filmed an entire video on my nighttime skincare routine here, just so you can see how meticulous I am.  I know that less is more, but routine and consistency with skincare is key.
                                       laser face treatments skin peel
I think we sometimes forget how crucial facials and treatments are for our skin too.  I wouldn't say I forget, but let's be real, it ain't cheap.  But any esthetician will tell you that incorporating regular deep cleansing facials or treatments (tailored to your skin type, of course) into your routine will change your skin.  And they're not lying!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen me on the table at Yana Skincare looking like robocop.    I had tiny goggles on with a headband to keep my hair back, and a beeping laser that was talking to us every few minutes.
                              face peels for sensitive skin
I went into Yana Skincare for their laser genesis treatment and their red carpet peel.  Because who doesn't want to feel like they have red carpet skin after a treatment?  I better look like I'm walking the red carpet and like I've had a gallon of water.

We started with the laser genesis and finished with the peel.  Laser genesis is basically a gentle treatment designed to restore the skin's natural glow and reverse damage from the sun, aging, or scars with zero downtime.  Literally zero downtime.
                                        Laser Genesis laser treatment dark spots acne
I've had a few other treatments done where I looked CRAZY.  It just depends on the strength and intensity of the treatment, but with laser genesis you get the results of an intense treatment in 30 minutes with hardly any redness, no sensitivity, and no downtime.

The main thing I was excited for with laser genesis was the shrinking of my pores and of course, the glow.  I also have a couple sun spots on the side of my face, and this is perfect for reversing sun damage and fixing any scars or dark spots from acne or the sun.
                                       laser treatment face for acne scars dark spots sun damage
If you're wondering if it hurts, NO!  It just feels like you're at the beach and laying out.  The laser emits heat, so you'll just feel a little hot whenever it's passing over an area of your face.  Nothing we can't tolerate.

We finished the laser treatment and moved on the peel.  The red carpet peel was so quick and simple, I almost didn't even know that it was being done.

If you're prepping for an event, a photo shoot, or just want that beautiful, glowing perfected look, this is the peel you need.  I was so surprised with how bright my skin looked immediately after.

The peel gently hydrates and nourishes the skin, exfoliates, decongests clogged pores (my biggest problem), and left me with my favorite, glowing finish.

I'll keep you all posted on how my skin continues to look.  The results sometimes take a couple days to take full effect, but it's been a few and I'm looooving the overall finish.  I'll 100% be back for both treatments.

Yana Skincare was SO generous and offered to give anyone who mentions this blog post/my name $25 off any service or product.  ANY service, y'all.  They do facials, body contouring, laser treatments, botox, hair removal, and fillers.        
                 skinceuticals products Houston 
PLUS...if you're a new client, you'll get 15% off towards your second treatment/visit.

I mean, I'm down to do a whole girls day there, so if you're wanting to try it out hit me up and let's beautify.

The red carpet peel will be perfect for everything with the holidays coming up...so I might just need to do another.

Also, I'm always posting on my Instagram story anytime I get a cool procedure done like this!  I shared some real-time videos while I was at Yana Skincare and it's always fun to interact!  Of course, not while I have my little robot goggles on though.  Safety first.

Let me know if you guys try anything out at Yana!!  Send before and afters on the gram!

HUGE thank you to Yana Skincare and my girl Emily for having me in and pampering my skin!  So excited to go back!


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