01 November, 2017

Find Your Sweat Challenge

OK, y'all!  The time has finally come for me to officially announce a project I've been working hard on.  That hard work is about to translate into some serious sweat and physical work too, so let me explain.

Have you ever met someone and just instantly connected?  Your interests, goals, motivation, and drive seems to just align with zero effort?
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I met my friend Karinn, @feedthecurves, after we slid into each other's DMs on Instagram.  We both followed each other and were fans of the fitness content we were putting out, so we exchanged a few messages and met up at a coffee shop.

After hours of brainstorming, chatting about ourselves, men, food, the works, we came up with an awesome idea and since then, have been plugging away at this project for the past month.

We kept getting at the idea that when Fall and Winter roll around, we get lazy as hell.  At least I do.  I don't know about you guys, but when I was working corporate, I'd get off work around 5:30-6:30 PM, it'd be dark outside, and I'd say "screw the gym...I just want to be on the couch".

I'm the first to admit I haven't been the best with my fitness and health commitments lately.  I haven't been the most consistent, have been eating too many desserts, and I just haven't had that motivation I'm used to when it comes to my workouts.

I've been in a little bit of a gym rut for....I want to say almost a year now.  I feel like every month I'm talking about how much I slacked off and how little I exercised.  Habits become lifestyle, so it's time for some CHANGE!
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OK, the fun stuff.  Karinn and I decided that since this is about the time we all start to get a little lazy, lethargic, and eat everything in sight...we are starting a 30-day fitness challenge!

I've never done a fitness challenge, so I'm SO excited to be doing this and to have it be my own.

The challenge is designed to help ourselves and everyone out there #FindYourSweat (yes, that's our hashtag).  It's designed to encourage us all to simply get off our ass, stay active, and try something new!

We'll be showcasing a handful of Houston studios, gyms, and classes and sharing tons of different options with everyone.  If you're in a gym rut like myself, you might be looking for your new thing.

Our challenge is here to help motivate, inspire, and just have fun throughout the month of November!  We'll be trying something new everyday.  Yeah, every. single. day.  I'm gonna need a massage.

So whether you're into high intensity interval training, dance, boxing, or you have no idea what you're interested in, we'll be here to show you some fun options and share our favorites.

I'm going through this challenge to motivate myself as well, so we're truly all in this together.  I'll be off my booty every day finding something new that puts me out of my comfort zone and forces me to stay active through all the insane Thanksgiving and daily eating that I've been doing.

You all know I'm all about balance, so this 30 day challenge is in no way shape or form meant to indicate that you have to workout every single day of your life to be healthy.  I don't recommend that at all.  I'll be including a few low impact and low intensity options in this challenge too, and I'm doing it in 30 days to simply show tons of different options and motivate us through a usually lazy time.

I'd LOVE for anyone who's interested to engage with us throughout the month and follow along with our #FindYourSweat challenge.  If you're doing something active, trying something new, grabbing a girlfriend to try a new class with, or just sweating it out, post to Instagram and use the hashtag #FindYourSweat.
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On December 1, once the challenge is complete, we'll be choosing 2 winners who consistently engaged with our challenge to win an insanely dope swag bag!

The prize will include tons of different things to help you stay motivated and just enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  I can't spill the deets yet, but I'll be sharing more soon and on Instagram shortly!

OK, say a little prayer for me and my muscles as we begin this crazy journey.  WE GOT THIS!


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