16 November, 2017

Hacks For That Time of The Month

Yeah, we're here to talk about the dreaded week.  If you're reading this and you're a man, it's probably a dreaded week for you too if you're dealing with a girlfriend, sister, coworker, any of us.  It's just not a good time, ever.  We're tired, moody, sluggish, and craving everything and anything.  Please tell me that's not just me!
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Our period always sucks.  It is what it is and is a part of life, but I've found a few tips here and there that help me to feel better and more comfortable.  It's no magic trick, but making some small changes can improve your mood, energy, and your overall health.

So, what do I do to turn a terrible period into an OK one?

I workout.  You won't want to, and you'll feel like a fatigued snail, but a little bit of movement does the body good, especially during this time.  If you're really not feeling well, take it easy, but even going for a walk, jog, or doing some yoga helps balance me out.  I usually try to walk on the track outside just to get my legs moving and at least feel like I did something instead of sitting on my behind.

I use more natural products.  I recently made the switch to Seventh Generation tampons.  I'm not a name brand girl when it comes to periods, but after doing some research and tuning into my body, I wanted to find tampons and feminine care products that caused NO harm to me.  I mean, we put these inside of our bodies, so just like our food, it should be something that causes no harm or foul.
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Seventh Generation products are free of chlorine processing, fragrance, and deodorants.  I cannot stand fragranced tampons or feminine care products.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use anything on your lady parts that has any type of fragrance.  Yeah, we might get a little funky, but DO NOT try to mask that fragrance with artificial chemicals/other fragrance.  Just don't.  Yuck.

Seventh Generation wants women to know what's in their feminine care products, and the brand advocates for ingredient disclosure in all products.  I'm all for this.  I don't want anything gross in my body, especially during this time of the month.  Unless it's a brownie, then maybe.

We check labels and ingredients on our food, so why not check them on our tampons and feminine care products?
                                    organic feminine care products
I'm kind of a snob when it comes to the applicator of my tampons.  It sounds crazy, but nothing drives me more crazy than a dry, scratchy paper applicator.  I know you just felt how awful that is.  I need a smooth, quality plastic applicator.

The new Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons have a new BPA-free plastic applicator, and I approve of it 100%.  It's the type of applicator I've gotta have!  PLUS, this applicator is made of 95% plant-based materials, instead of gross ingredients like petroleum.

I picked up the normal and super boxes from Target and have to have both on-hand.  I throw a handful in my purse, keep them in my bathroom, hand them off to friends, and they've never let me down!

I also try to drink more water.  Key word, TRY.  Between the bloating and fatigue, some extra water and lemon won't hurt you.  I usually try to use a cute water bottle or inspire myself somehow to get in the extra ounces.

I nap.  Please tell me I'm not alone with this.  I just can't fight it.  I get SO exhausted during this week and sometimes just need to rest.

I stretch!  My lower back gets super tight regularly, but especially during my period, I have to really stretch it out.  I get crampy, and for some reason when I sleep it tightens up more than usual.  I love to incorporate some cat-cows and yoga to stretch it out.
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K, I'm no expert with this and still struggle pretty frequently with my exhaustion during this time.  If you guys have any tips that make you feel better, PLEASE let us know!

This post is brought to you by Seventh Generation and Her Campus Media.  As always, all opinions are my own, and I truly do use these products and love/recommend these tampons to all my health-conscious women out there!

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