27 November, 2017

Sanctuary Spa

I'm not religious (that's a whole other post but I'm just saying), but when it comes to this sanctuary, there's no way anything was going to keep me away!

I posted earlier this month about the #FindYourSweat challenge that I've been doing with my girl Karinn.  We've been working out every day and have been showcasing different ways to stay active and motivated in Houston.
Sanctuary Spa Houston Texas
You can't even imaging how sore our bodies have been through this month.  I mean, maybe you can if you're really active or if you've ever played a sport and know the struggle of consistent, intense workouts, but DANG have we been sore!  And hungry!  These workouts have been working up an appetite.
best spa in Houston
We had the chance to spend some time at Sanctuary Spa for a 60 minute massage and infusion tub.  I'm not lying when I tell you I was counting down the days until this massage for about two weeks.  I would dream about laying on the table and having someone go to town on my back, neck, and shoulders.

A lot of our workouts have involved high intensity training with strength training, and we'e done a handful of pushups, back exercises, and workouts that have every tiny muscle in my back crazy sore.

While our challenge focused mostly on fitness, we didn't want to neglect the importance of self care and de-stressing.  We live in a world that is constantly "go, go, go", and the nonstop lifestyle can breed stress that none of us want to deal with.
                                       Houston spa massage
Whatever health/fitness journey you may be on, you must remember to take care of your wellbeing, mental health, and keep stress to a minimum.  Stress will wreak havoc on any health progress you make, and it's just as detrimental (if not more) to your health as a poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.
houston spas massage relax
The spa has that perfect spa-like aroma when we walked in, and we knew it had to be our favorite Source Vital products!  Source Vital is a local Houston apothecary company with skincare, essential oils, natural deodorant, and SO many products...go check them out!

I've finally made the switch to natural deodorant (I use the Source Vital rollerball), and I'm SO shocked at how easy it was.  I was afraid I'd stink or that it wouldn't do the job, but I have no complaints.

Back to the spa...We were walked to the relaxation room and treated with water, tea, and some snacks.  You already know I went straight to the snack table to scope it out.  They had a chocolate s'more bark that I inhaled

My massage was to-die-for.  I had my therapist focus on my back and shoulders, where I usually hold the most tension.  The oils are amazing, and I loved that they used some hot towels throughout the massage to loosen the muscles and remove the crazy oily feeling.  It really helped to relax my back and just felt nice!
                                       infusion tub for relaxation spa
The infusion tub...THIS was something I've never seen at a spa before and really enjoyed.  Think of a big jacuzzi all to yourself, relaxing music, and dimmed lights.  There you go.  They'll customize the bath to your needs -- I went for a very relaxing mixture, so my therapist used goat's milk, eucalyptus, and other relaxing oils and additives to make it as soothing as possible.

OK, so the best part...Sanctuary Spa has a membership program where you can pay $79 a month which includes a 50 minute massage or facial (which is usually $90 alone), free product, 25% off all service upgrades, and more.

When was the last time you treated yourself to some quality me time?  And I'm not talking about sitting in rush hour traffic by yourself listening to the radio...I'm talking about dedicated, thought-out time for you and only you!

Don't neglect your wellbeing on your health journey -- It's just as important!

Huge thank you to Sanctuary Spa for hosting us and for treating us to the incredible services!


  1. Loved the atmosphere, the decor, the massage chairs in the relaxation room and the products they used. I will be returning.

    1. YESSS...the atmosphere was amazing! Those massage chairs in the relaxation room had us smitten. Took me a while to figure out how to turn them on, but then I didn't want to leave!


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