15 November, 2017

Staying Buff with BuffBoxx

I've always been addicted to getting mail.  Like, seriously.  I'm an online shopping addict, I love getting packages, and we all know too well that I love me some good fitness gear.

I shop enough as is, and I'm always trying to minimize my wardrobe (I have things spilling out of drawers constantly even though I try to clean out my closet every so often...), so I never really though to sign up for a subscription box, even though I've always loved the idea of them!

When I worked in beauty, the first ever subscription box I heard of was Ipsy.  Since then, I've seen so many amazing boxes launch, and I think they're awesome.  Whether you're someone like me who has too many products and wants to cut down on your stash and your spending, or you're someone who doesn't buy much and would benefit form having personalized items sent to you every month, subscription boxes are the way to go!  No mall lines, straight to your door, and SO affordable.

I found BuffBoxx on Instagram and knew I wanted one.  Their pro box includes Reebok or Under Armour apparel...so, hellooooo yes please!

fitness subscription box

best workout fitness subscription box reebok

reebok under armour subscription box
I got my first box and was SO excited to open it up!  ...I'm actually wearing the black Reebok tank as I write this post and just did my workout for day 15 of the #FindYourSweat challenge in it, so I love it!

Y'all know I'm all about giving you the hookup, so if you want to try BuffBoxx, use code 'CORI' during checkout for $5 off your first box.  YES to saving some dolla bills!

Watch my unboxing to see what I got in my box/what sorts of things you can expect to get!

Don't you love getting things that help you look forward to the gym?!


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