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I am a twenty-something, Houston-based woman who's out here to help women (and men) be the best version of themselves.  I've found that I'm happiest when I'm living a balanced life and when I get to help others find their own balance.

My passions for health, fitness, beauty, and self-improvement lead me to creating a blog where I'm able to interact, share, and work with others around the world.

So, why is my blog different from the rest?  I'm not extreme.  You won't see me on-stage for a fitness competition, eating a 100% clean diet, or beating my face to the nines on a daily basis.  I'm a firm believer in simply enjoying all that life has to offer.  I treat my body well, but I also eat great foods and give into my cravings when I feel like it.  I love a good double cheeseburger and piece of chocolate cake once in a while. 

I embrace the body I have and enjoy keeping it in the best shape possible.  My goal is to inspire others to accept and love the skin they're in while choosing to keep it healthy, happy, and in shape.  I've always believed that a balanced, sustainable lifestyle is the key to happiness.

For collaboration requests, questions, or just to say hello, please contact me here.

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Cori Scherer

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