Sup y'all?

I am a twenty-something, Houston-based woman who's out here to help women (and men) be the best version of themselves.  I've found myself sharing restaurant recommendations, recipes, workout tips, and beauty advice for years, and this blog was designed to house every tip, photo, and write-up in one place.  

I have years of experience in the beauty industry, working both in retail and in marketing, and I have been into fitness since I was young.  I was an athlete growing up, and through college I began incorporating weight-lifting, plyometrics, and boxing.  

As for food, I've loved it since I left the womb.  I don't believe in depriving ourselves of great food, and I think it is one of the best things in life.  I embrace the body I have and enjoy keeping it in the best shape possible.  My goal is to inspire others to accept and love the skin they're in while choosing to keep it healthy, happy, and in shape.  I've always believed that a balanced, sustainable lifestyle is the key to happiness.

Currently, I work in the PR industry by day, and I moonlight as a blogger during my free time.  You can also find me hanging out at some of Houston's best restaurants, at the gym, or traveling.

For collaboration requests, questions, or just to say hello, please contact me here.

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