Clothes You Can Live In

OK, wow. I seriously feel like a little bit of a fool having abandoned my website! I swear, I love my blog and everything that I started it for, but sometimes balancing everything seems nearly impossible. I applaud every single person out there who knows how to juggle every moving piece of social media, digital life, real life, work life, etc. ISSA LOT!

If you follow me on Instagram/social media, you probably know about Find Your Sweat + my fitness brand. I started this with my best friend last November, and it initially started as a movement where we tried 30 different workouts for the month of November.

We turned Find Your Sweat into a brand where we host monthly fitness pop-ups, show different gyms/studios around the city, and give people an awesome event and a way to try something new.

We’ve been gearing up for our November 2018 event and let me tell y’all..the planning is REAL. Between juggling my job, my social media, and planning for our fitness events, sometimes I don’t know what day or time it is and I forget to put deodorant on (happened today…sorry).


To promote our event, we took some photos in one of Houston’s new boxing studios, and I wore my absolute favorite (I’ve literally worn it 10 times) outfit from Bida. I get questions EVERY TIME I wear this set, and I’d probably be asking the girl who wore it too because it’s just that dang comfortable and cute.

I wore this set on my recent flight to LA, to a football game while traveling, walking around the city, to photoshoots, and wear it out to eat all the time. It’s SO versatile and I’m so obsessed it’s sad. But can you blame me?!

I’m definitely not the most “trendy”, but I will go HAM over a good black set/outfit that I can wear on the daily.

If y’all want more information on BIDA/the brand, read the below directly from them!

They also have different variations of black crops which is probably my favorite clothing item ever. Don’t look in my drawers, it’s embarrassing.

From BIDA 

In August of 2018 Canadian based model turned fashion designer, Bianca Dabney, created a streetwear line that is making waves in the industry. Fashion mavens from across the globe are raving over the minimalistic, yet fashion forward designs of BIDA.

Find Your Sweat

 Created in Canada, ethically sourced in Bali, and shipped worldwide, BIDA has created the formula for clothes you can live in. With BIDA’s low key design and high key comfort, their designs will have you ready for whatever life brings your way. Created from lightweight fabrics that are versatile from day to night, you can go from a gym session, to brunch, to travel, and to a night out with the  girls.  BIDA allows you to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort.

BIDA’s commitment to creating functional and sustainable products is why they have chosen their cotton spandex and rayon lycra blend. Cotton spandex is a natural and synthetic blend fabric that is durable, silky soft, has a 4-way stretch, breathable, fast drying, easy to take care of, and lightweight. Cotton is a fully sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable textile. Rayon Lycra is a semi-synthetic and synthetic blend fabric that is buttery soft, drapes beautifully, durable, breathable, has a 4-way stretch, and is lightweight. Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from wood pulp that is renewable and biodegradable. This blend has been expertly crafted  to add strength and longevity. 

All garments are designed in Calgary, Alberta by Bianca Dabney and produced overseas by a clothing manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia that places emphasis on providing safe, clean and fun work environments. The factory uses energy efficient sewing machines, plant based bags instead of plastic, and fabric waste for production of small goods.

With a price point that ranges from $38 and up, you can be sure  to find the perfect piece for your personal style. You may also find a look or two for your best friend for a holiday gift. Visit BIDA today to secure your piece of the fashion forward pie! 



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