Maintaining Clear Skin While Working Out

As if simply showing up to the gym isn't hard enough most days, let's talk about how difficult it is to keep our skin looking fresh and poppin' while keeping up with a fitness routine.


I struggled with this forever.  A few years ago when I first started really working out, I remember getting these little pesky bumps all over my forehead from sweating.  I didn't understand -- I had a decent skincare routine, spent SO much money on my products, and made an effort to wash my face after working out.  But NOPE, my skincare just didn't want me to be great!

I seriously can't stress how important it is to wipe and rinse your face immediately after working out.  I don't care where y'all are -- Find a way to wipe your face off after exercising.  I'll go into the bathroom and use a paper towel + cold water to rinse quickly, or you can bring wipes in your bag if that helps.

Fre Skincare Set.JPG

So let's talk products.  The skincare game can be so dang tricky with a million products and brands on the market, and especially being a woman who makes it a priority to keep up with her fitness, sweats a lot, and spends more time in gym clothes than regular clothes.

I was SO excited when I found FRE Skincare.  I love a company with good branding, and FRE stood out to me because they target women just like me...women who sweat and workout hard.

Cori Scherer Skincare.jpg

Their products are made for women who, HELLO!  Everything smells so fresh and clean, and my favorite thing about the brand is that it doesn't overwhelm you!  You really just need their three staple products and you're good to go.  

I've been loving the 123FRE set -- it comes with a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer/sunscreen.  Nothing crazy or complicated, just the basics that help keep us sweaty girls glowing and fresh.  

FRE Skincare.jpg

The Purify Me Cleanser is awesome.  It has small exfoliating beads that help to prevent and treat breakouts, and de-stresses and re-balances the skin after a workout.  The Revive Me Serum boosts and brightens skin with vitamins and minerals and just gives that glow we all want.  The Protect Me Sunscreen doesn't have a white cast or clog pores, so it's perfect.

IMG_4811 2.jpg

And yes, y'all need to be wearing sunscreen everyday.  Don't skip this step!  I mean, unless you want to age prematurely and start seeing fine lines sooner than later.  But you probably wouldn't be reading this if that were the case.

Y'all can grab the 123FRE set or any FRE products for 25% off with code 'CORIS25'.  

Oh and did I mention how much I love their marketing and branding?!  Their website says "Add to your gym bag" instead of "add to cart" and I'm obsessed.  MADE FOR ME, I'm telling you!

Thank you to FRE for partnering with me on this post -- I had been wanting to work with them for a while and truly love their brand and products!