New Year, New Goals

2018!  DAMN, I'm starting to feel a little old.  Not age-wise, but every time I think of the 90s or 2001 I think "it was 10 years ago".  Think again, girl!


Dress: Hot Miami Styles

I've been BIG on manifesting my goals and speaking things into existence lately.  Law of Attraction is a real thing, but when you see things happen to yourself that you dreamed of, wrote down, spoke into existence, and worked towards, it makes you step up your game a little.

I wanted to write a few of my goals for 2018 down, but I figured why not write them out on the blog?!  Share them with you all and simultaneously hold myself accountable.


But don't forget, there's also an art of sharing less.  Don't tell all and keep some of your goals written on paper tucked away for your eyes only.  


Gotta stay realistic out here.  Not everyone is your friend, so oversharing your goals can sometimes bite you in the a$$.  Be mindful of who you share with and what you share.

Start making a stable, comfortable income each month ($X) from blogging, writing, digital and content marketing, and consulting work

Declutter my life in every aspect: relationships, friendships, makeup, clothes, old junk

Sell a product

Stop letting the fear of "what if" hold me back and just do things for the sake of trying

Be consistent (3X/week minimum) with my fitness journey

Grow the "Find Your Sweat" brand and reach new heights with our endeavors

Move.  Solo.

Travel to Europe again and visit a few different countries

Save more money

Be consistent with my YouTube channel  and progress with editing and content

Work with a big brand in fitness, beauty, and lifestyle for my blog/YouTube

Be more direct, upfront, and blunt with my expectations and needs in business, friendships, and life in general. 

Read more.  At least 1 book a month.

That's the bulk of it for me!  What are some of your goals for the new year?  Financial, professional, personal...?  What's your focus?

Also, SO excited to be working with this new blog layout and have a fresh start with some more creativity!  Been a long time coming and finally decided to make the leap!  YAS for a little patience, Google, and lots of coffee and late nights to make the move.

Happy New Year, y'all!