Rolling With The Punches

We're deeper into the new year, and WOW has it been a whirlwind of a month!

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OUTFIT: Fashion Nova

I celebrated my 26th birthday, received a collaboration offer from one of my favorite companies, worked with a major food brand, and have been working my butt off to amp up my organization, preparation, and scheduling.

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I talked about a few of my goals for the new year in this post, and one of them was to really work on being better about my time management and organization.  I'm a pretty organized gal, but it's a whole different ball game when you have to make your own schedule and stick to it.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that one of the biggest keys to success and growth is to create a schedule.  A hard, pretty set-in-stone schedule, just as you would have at a 9-5.  I thought I was doing a decent job at this until I realized how unprepared I was for certain things.

I'd block off big things like appointments, meetings, due dates, and training sessions.  But I wasn't blocking off the TIME to meet these deadlines, prepare for the meetings, brainstorm for a post, etc.  Let me tell you...this is MAJOR.

If you guys haven't seen my post about Find Your Sweat, go check it out.  Basically, I've been working hand-in-hand with my BFF Karinn to build out this movement that we created after featuring 30 different gyms/workouts across Houston in the month of November.

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Working with a partner is fantastic if you have a teammate and the right person.  But even still, getting on the same page, scheduling, preparing, and the works can be tough.  SO...I'm working diligently to be better about my schedule.  

This week will mark the first week that I've truly scheduled out important time slots.  "Brainstorm from 9-10".  Shoot photos from 10-11.  Discuss X Y and Z from 11-12.  Not assuming that this all will get done before a due date, because guess what...if it's not planned will likely forget about it or just not be prepared.

The main reason I'm talking about this is because together, Karinn and I partnered up with a friend to host an event.  This event is going to be epic -- We're super excited about it.  

The day the event arrived, our partner had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital having immediate surgery.  We couldn't reach him and didn't hear a response until 1 PM.  Our event was scheduled to take place at 6:30.

The immediate panic and OMG WHAT DO WE DO hit, but we knew we could handle it.  However, we didn't realize how unprepared we were until this happened.  Who had the login information for our website?  Who was going to contact the attendees?  Who was going to contact the venue?

We put out the fire (and our event date will be soon), but I'm sharing this as a reminder to us all that preparation is KEY.  Shit happens, but if we're not prepared to roll with some punches when it does, we haven't done our job.

Let me know if anything similar has ever happened to y'all and what your tips are to stay on-top of things and organized!