Sephora MUST Haves

It’s definitely safe to say I have an obsession with all things beauty. I’m a product junkie and have been since I started watching YouTube videos back in 2008, and my wallet is NOT appreciative of this obsession.

BUT, I am proud to say I’ve been working on de-cluttering my beauty space and dwindling down my products to things that I actually use and love (WOW, who would’ve thought). I recently put together a smaller makeup bag for my every day essentials and I’ve found that this helps me save SO much time getting ready in the morning and makes grabbing things much quicker.

K anyway, the real reason for this post is because Sephora has decided to extend their holiday discount! YAAAAS! If you’re VIB or Rouge, you can take advantage of the extension with code ‘ENJOY’ for 20% off your purchase.

Cori Scherer

The only thing better than shopping online at Sephora in your pajamas at 3PM is shopping with a 20% off code. Seriously.

I’ve linked a handful of my favorite products that are 100% worth grabbing during the sale. Some of these are pricier than others, so the sales are when I really like to take advantage of saving some coins.

Even if you’re reading this post after the sale, this list still has a ton of my favorites and things I wanted to recommend to y’all!

I didn’t want to completely overwhelm you with a million products, so I tried to just get a variety that I’ve been using all the time!

I’ve been asked a TON what my daily lip color is, and it is this Nars pencil with this lip/cheek tint. Obsessed. Just adds the right amount of color without looking lip stick-ey.

Natural lip combo

Scroll through my favorites and grab anything you think you want to try!





HAPPY SHOPPING! Let me know if you guys have tried any of these or had them on your wish list.

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