The Next Chapter

First, let me say that I miss writing for my blog so much! MAN, I started this thing years ago when I was working in the beauty industry after being so inspired from the girls I worked with at events. I’d sit behind my desk every day literally twirling my thumbs 95% of the time being so bored I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I loved working in beauty because it taught me almost everything I know about influencer marketing, building relationships, social media, and really the power of self-taught learning. I’d meet so many amazing girls at events (the fun 5% of my job that I loved) and would constantly wonder how they got to that point. HOW did they figure out how to do all of this?

Well…I quickly figured out that the answer isn’t rocket science and they JUST DID. They just started. They believed in something, had a passion, and went for it, and grew with it. I taught myself how to create a blog on good ol’ Google Blogger at the time, bought a domain, and somehow put the pieces together to make my own website.

Cori Scherer Houston

I’d use all of the resources I had available to create content. At the time, I would write about beauty and things that related to work, because that’s really all I knew/wanted to write. It was never the best quality but I DID IT. It was something I taught myself and will forever be proud of - and something that eventually I transitioned into a new platform and monetized.

Fast-forward to now. Over the past few years, I felt so incredibly lost and had no idea what I was meant to do. I had great opportunities and would put my all into every single one, but still would feel like it wasn’t for me. Since I was a kid, I’d think about working in finance and always said I could picture myself in the field, but I didn’t really know in what role.

I started filming YouTube videos one summer after I booked a trip to Greece for free with my travel miles. I thought to myself “damn, I figured out how to do this and I bet others would want to know too…let me try and help”. I’d make little ‘tip Tuesday’ videos giving small, basic financial tips and just tried to find my way somehow.

OK FOR REAL FAST FORWARD. I found an opportunity back in September that I absolutely loved. It brought me into the mortgage industry and was a true testament of manifestation. I learned so much, built great relationships, and got to be in a role that was a hybrid of sales, marketing, and finance.

Cori Scherer

So, WHAT’S THE NEXT CHAPTER?! I am SO excited to finally tell you all that I will now be working with Bank of Texas as a Loan Officer Assistant. I’ll be guided by an experienced team of mortgage bankers in the art of originating loans, and will be training to originate myself in the near future.

Why am I sharing all of this here? Because I think our career path in our 20s is so defining, monumental, and a winding journey. My path has NOT been linear, and for so long I’d feel embarrassed. I felt like I didn’t know my passion or purpose, and I didn’t know how I’d get to where I knew I could be.

Sometimes I wonder how I went from beauty to mortgages, but then I remember that this is simply my path. Both have been a passion — I always knew I was interested in finance but didn’t know what avenue to take. I was introduced to this industry and found something I truly enjoyed and could grow with.

Mortgage Lender Texas Cori

I’m sooooo excited for this new journey. My goal is to grow as an individual, a professional, and an educator. I’ll be utilizing my social platforms to incorporate education on the mortgage industry and strive to become a resource for my peers.

I’ll be updating you all soon and will be sharing content consistently! If you’re not already following me on Instagram, go do that! I’m very active on there and will be sharing daily.