Why I Love Resistance Bands

OK, first let me say that staying on my fitness game in this summer heat is insane.  Especially when it comes to getting in a good outdoor workout, it just feels like we're melting away in a sauna, but I don't mind that every once in a while!

I've been posting a ton of my workouts on Instagram lately (both on my personal page and on Find Your Sweat), and I've been getting into a bit of a rut with my gym workouts.  SHOCKER, again.  It happens to me every couple of months and I just need a change of scenery and something new to shock my system and liven me up a little.

I've always kept a set of resistance bands in my gym bag -- They weigh close to nothing, so they don't add any bulk to your bag, and they are SO useful in so many different workouts.  You can throw these on for an at-home workout, bring them with you to the park, or add them to your gym workouts to intensity different movements and feel a deeper burn.

Resistance Bands

I use these religiously for my warm-ups at the gym, and I've been trying to stay consistent AF with them.

I throw one of these above my knees and do a variety of exercises for a solid warm-up.  Trust me, if you haven't tried resistance bands before, just put one on and try to extend your leg laterally.  You'll feel the burn immediately...like, bad.

The set that I have from Belus Active comes with different resistance levels (light-extra heavy), so you can switch them up depending on what movement you're doing, how sore you are, and how intense of a burn you want.  

I typically use the heavy band for glute exercises (kick backs and fire hydrants are some of my favorite moves), and I'll use the medium resistance during my warm up just to get the blood flowing.

And don't be fooled by the light or medium resistance...it'll sneak up on you quick once you get some reps in and start burning out a muscle group.  Trust me.

And can we just call out the fact that these resistance bands are so dang cute?  I've seen tons of the basic black, blue, and green sets, but when I found these pink and purple ones I was like YASSSSS...girly resistance bands!

Belus Active Resistance Bands

Don't judge me...I know the color is so trivial, but switching them up and finding excitement in the little things keeps me going lol.

Let me know if you guys incorporate resistance bands regularly into your workout and what some of your favorite moves are.  Sometimes I'll get a little crazy and add them into my weighted workouts (try doing squats with a kettle bell + a resistance band above your knees) because LORD they burn so good!!!

If y'all are just a little extra like me and want the girly resistance bands, grab these on Amazon.  They also come in a blue variety if that floats your boat.

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Cheers to staying on this workout grind through the rest of the summer!  We got this!

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