About CORI

Cori Scherer

Cori is a twenty-something, Houstonian who's out here to help women (and men) be the best version of themselves.  She believes in living a balanced life and strives to help others find their own version of  "balance".

Her passions for health, fitness, beauty, and self-improvement lead her to create a blog where she focuses on interacting, sharing, and working with others around the world.  She worked for a global cosmetics company heading their influencer marketing program and quickly recognized the huge shift from traditional advertising and promotions.  Attending different events, networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and becoming friends with other "influencers", Cori decided to start her own blog to share her personality, quirkiness, tips and tricks.

So, why is this blog different from the rest?  Cori's not extreme.  You won't see her on-stage for a fitness competition, eating a 100% clean diet, or beating her face to the nines on a daily basis.  She's a firm believer in simply enjoying all that life has to offer.  She treats her body well, but she also eats great foods and gives into my cravings when she feels like it.  ...And she feels like it more often than not!

Cori's goal is to inspire others to accept and love the skin they're in while choosing to keep it healthy, happy, and in shape.  She believes in speaking up when others choose to stay quiet and maintaining an organic, authentic platform.

Cori is also the co-founder of the "Find Your Sweat" movement, which inspires women to try new workouts, engage with one another, and support each other through the good and bad times of life.  Find Your Sweat hosts various events across the city, bringing women together to sweat it out and also make new connections, friendships, and grow their brand.